Proper Information Management Saves Valuable Time

A single clinical trial will satisfy thousands of data points. Having a plan in place on day-one to organize and track information efficiently will save hours of your time; Sometimes this is what prohibits a project being completed on time. ClinSmart is ready to assist in collecting, managing, interpreting and preparing your clinical trial data. We have an experienced team of data professionals and industry-leading technologies designed to meet your demands.  

We provide the following: 

  • CRF / eCRF design and printing  

  • CRO Connect Partnership with DataTrak  

  • Data Management Plan creation  

  • Development of electronic validation rules and edit checks  

  • Data entry  

  • Electronic and manual review  

  • Query management  

  • Medical coding  

  • External data integration  

  • Data cleaning  

  • Quality control and assurance  

  • Generation of status and ad hoc reports  

  • Database lock and audit  

  • Database transfer to Sponsor in requested format  

  • Assist in generations of final tables and listings

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